Rocking Horse Preschool for 3 & 4 year olds, AM & PM sessions. Located in Greensburg (West Point), PA
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Building Security

    Your child's safety is vitally important to us. The Preschool door is kept locked at all times except during child dismissal. When coming to visit at other times, please ring the call button and identify yourself or come in the church entrance and speak to our church secretary.
     We have a telephone in our classroom. The teacher and the teacher's aide have cell phones and there are deadbolts on the doors in case of emergency. 
     Regular fire drills are part of our curriculum and the teacher carries her cell phone with her as well as the list of emergency numbers.

Your Child's Safety  

     No child will ever be left alone or unsupervised. To release a child from preschool to any person other than the parent or guardian, the teacher must have notification from the parent in written form. We want to assure your child is safe.
     Persons other than the names listed on the enrollment form may not pick-up the child unless the teacher is notified that morning or afternoon in the form of a written note.  A parent will be informed by phone or at dismissal of any accident involving a child.
     While the school will observe strict safety precautions, it will not assume responsibility for injury incurred at the school or on a field trip.

     No letters or items may be sent home in children's backpacks without the Rocking Horse Preschool Board approval, the only exception would be Christmas cards or party invitations if a sample is received and approved by the teacher and there is one for each student in class.
     The Rocking Horse Preschool Board does not permit solicitation of money or fundraising from any person or organization.


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