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Discipline Policy

Rocking Horse Preschool believes it is the role of the teacher, teacher's aide and volunteers to act as role models to help the children express their own feelings and respect the feelings to others. We believe in behavior modification through redirection (under no circumstances will corporal punishment be used to discipline any child). Even a young child can begin to understand the cause and effect of her/his actions.

Unacceptable Behavior

The following are unacceptable behaviors for the Rocking Horse Preschool:

1. A child who constantly disrupts the classroom and requires individual attention because of the disruptive behavior.

2. A child who causes harm, physically or  emotionally, to another child or adult.

3. A child who is unable to follow the rules of the classroom.

A child's behavior hinders or disrupts the education of the other children in the class.

Behavior Modification through Redirection

If the child engages in unacceptable behavior:

1. The teacher will redirect the child and provide other alternatives.

2. If this does not stop the behavior, the teacher will remove the child fom
the activity and place her/him in a place for a "time out". This will give the child time to think about what has occurred. It also gives the teacher time to speak to the child and redirect her/him back to an appropriate activity.

3. If the behavior persists on multiple days, the child will then be observed by a member of the Preschool Board.

4. The teacher will ask the parents for their support and suggestions to help the child develop the appropriate skills for a learning and social environment. A conference with the parent(s) will be requested by the teacher. This conference will include members of the Rocking Horse Preschool Board.

Our goal at Rocking Horse Preschool is to help children work out their conflicts and find solutions in a most constructive way.
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