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Parent Helpers, Seasonal Parties and Field Trips

     Rocking Horse Preschool strives to work with our students' parents to gain a better understanding of the child and their needs and to add to the parents understanding of their child in the school environment.
     Rocking Horse Preschool encourages parents to be an active part of our preschool through orientation and visitation, classroom participation, snacks and birthdays, field trips and the parent-teacher conferences. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to participate according to their schedules. Simply inform the teacher or aide of your desire to do so.

Parent Helper Duties
Rocking Horse Preschool greatly appreciates your willingness tobe a part of your child's first educational experience.
The parent duties are:
1. During play time, please feel free to spend time with your child or the other children. Don't be afraid to get down on the floor and join in the fun!
2. During Hello Time, please assist the teacher's aide in setting up all items for the craft. During the craft, please assist the children as needed.
3. When it is time to clean up the toys, please help us to encourage the children to do the cleaning up on their own. It is important for the children to learn the responsibility of cleaning up after yourself. If the room is particularly messy, you may assist with the clean up.
4. During Circle Time, please assist the teacher's aide in preparation for snack time by wiping the tables with disinfectant wipes and retrieving the water pitcher, which is located in the refrigerator in the kitchen.
5. You may sit and enjoy your snack with your child during snack time. Please have all snacks prepackaged and ready to hand out before coming in to school. This will make things easier for your child, since she/he will be passing out the snack.
6. After snack time, please wipe the tables with disinfectant wipes.
7. For table activity, please circulate throughout the room and give help to any student who needs assistance.
8. After the children have finished, please wipe the tables once again with disinfectant wipes and return all unused materials to their proper places.
9. During our movement activity, you may either watch from the sidelines or join in the fun! It's up to you!
10. For dismissal, please help the children to get into their coats and get their backpacks on their backs. This is usually a very confusing time so the more help given the better.
Note: Please remember siblings are not permitted to accompany you on visitation days.
     Once again, thank you very much for your willingness to help. We are sure that you and your child will both benefit from this wonderful experience!
Seasonal Parties
All classes will have Halloween, Christmas, Valentine and Easter parties. parties are planned by the parents, with the assistance of the classroom teacher. More information about these parties will be discussed at the parent orientation and parents will have the opportunity to sign-up to help with these parties at orientation.
** No siblings can attend the parties. We understand that this presents a problem for some parents, but we would like to keep the parties for the enjoyment of the students.

Field Trips
Educational and fun field trips may be scheduled throughout the year. Parents will be required to accompany and provide transportation for their child. Any cost for the field trip is the parent's responsibility.
     A Field Trip Liability Release form will be sent home prior to the field trip. While the school will observe strict safety precautions, it will not assume responsibility for injury incurred at the school or on a field trip.
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