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When to Keep Your Ill Child at Home

     Please do not send your child to Preschool when he/she is not feeling well. Your child will recover more quickly at home and there will not be added risk of exposing others in class.  Your child should be free of fever for at least 24 hours before you send her/him back to school. For the protection of your child and others, please do not send your child to preschool with symptoms of any of the following:

* Upset stomach
* Running nose with a cold
* Sore throat
* Fever
* Rash
* Swollen glands
* Diarrhea
* Earache
* Persistent cough
* Red or inflamed eye(s)
* Lice
* Other communicable disease

Our staff is not permitted to administer any form of medications to your child.

     If your child is injured or becomes ill at preschool, the parent will be notified immediately. If parents are not available, then the person designated to be called in an emergency will be contacted.
     Be sure to keep us updated of any changes in telephone numbers, addresses, place(s) of employment and emergency contacts.

     Rocking Horse Preschool Board has approved medical forms which will be included in the orientation packets sent out to parents/guardians in the summer. We must have all forms returned to school the first week of school.

     If your child has a long term illness, please submit a letter describing the student's illness, signed by her/his physician to the Rocking Horse Preschool Board. The Board will review and decide on an individual basis regarding the child's absence and monthly tuition payments.


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